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As the title suggests, this website is dedicated to students and dermatology. We feel that dermatology is a great subject and as such, is not represented adequately in the crowded medical school curriculum. Dermatology is somewhat unique, in that skin disease can affect anyone from babies to the elderly. Moreoever, skin lesions often serve as the first manifestation of internal disease. 

There is no reason to be intimidated by skin disease! By applying the same principles of medicine as you do in other specialities, namely history-taking, examination and conducting appropriate investigations, you will be perfectly competent! In fact, dermatologists are fortunate in that they can see and feel the 'problem' more easily than in most specialities. Hopefully, this website will develop into a useful resource, reinforcing and supplementing the teaching that you receive. 


Disclaimer: We recognise that some of you may get carried away with dermatology, so here is a clock.